Facebook Video Monetization Option in India 2017

Facebook Video Monetization Option in India – Facebook is rolling out a new feature called Facebook Video Monetization now video creator can make money from their content with Facebook audience network.The Facebook audience network is a free service offered by Facebook users for monetizing their content which includes Apps, Article, Video etc.Nowadays Facebook content monetization is the best method for who want to earn online income.The reason of popularity of facebook monetization is that company paid over 10 billion dollars to publishers in last year.This is one of the most awaited features and video creators can look at this as the sign of good opportunity to improve their online income.



How do I enable monetization for my video?, How To Monetize Facebook Videos?, When will Facebook launch video monetization in India etc.

These are the frequently asked questions question among Indian video creators


Initially, Facebook video monetization is only available in limited countries like United States, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina.The company is planning launch video monetization all over the world and the service to be available soon in India before 2018.But the Indian publishers can now monetize their app and article with Facebook Audience Network.

To getting starting with Facebook Audience Network is easy, you just have App/Website and Facebook page to get monetization approval.After the approval, you need to get traffic and you will earn money in every ad impression and click.There are many Indian users earning over $1000 in a very day with audience network.

The video monetization to be live soon in India Lets wait to use this most exciting video monetization feature of Facebook.If you are planning to setup Facebook audience network let me know I will help you clear away all your doubts and queries regarding the Facebook content monetization


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